Academic Archive

  • Grassroots Masquerades: Development, Paramilitaries, and Land Laundering in Colombia

    Geoforum, Journal Article, Sep 24, 2013

    This article shows the grassroots development apparatus—its discourses of political participation, environmental conservation, and ethnic empowerment—became a conduit for paramilitary-backed state formation and land-grabbing in northwest Colombia.

  • Territories of Life and Death on a Colombian Frontier

    Antipode, Essay, Jan 02, 2013

    How has state formation developed in a region where relations of land, labor, and capital have been violently contested and in which the government has never been the sole nor the most powerful source of political authority?

  • Gleaning the Current Conjuncture

    Antipode, Essay, Jan 01, 2013

    A brief summary of some political and conceptual flashpoints that provide a compelling meta-analytical window onto already emergent aspects of the political conjuncture currently unfolding in geography and beyond.

  • Everyday State Formation: Territory, Decentralization, and the Narco Land-Grab in Colombia

    Society & Space, Journal Article, Jan 01, 2012

    This article shows how state formation in northwest Colombia was produced out of the convergence of paramilitary strategies, counterinsurgency, and government reforms aimed at territorial restructuring through decentralization.